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            Welcome to DNA. We are always working on aquiring rare and needed files for legacy game editing. DNA is a collection of tutorials and files for mapping, modding, texturing, terraining, skinning, modeling, and environment creation for legacy games such as Quake 2 and Blood 2. We also will soon provide support forums for questions and contributions. Our goal here is to be a learning ground for improving game design skills and hopefully even preparing the way for entering the game design industry.


Newest Tutorial: Compiling with LCC for Quake 2 added 7/12/07
Newest Feautre: Quake 2 servers listed at bottom of page



Current Member List

Our support is based on members and their expertise in specific games
Feel free to e-mail questions to any Member or visit our Forum
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Name Expertise
BeanStorm Quake 2 Maps:Worldcraft, Models:Milkshape
Half-Life Maps:Worldcraft
Peewee_RotA Quake 2 Maps:Qoole(v2.5 and v99), Skins: NSTF, Mods: MSVC++(v5, v6)
Doom 2 Maps:XWE
Blood 2 Maps:Dedit
DeathMgck UT2k4 Maps:UnrealEd, Models:UnrealEd, Maya, 3DSMax
Old-as-dirt Quake Maps:Worldcraft
Quake 2 Maps:Worldcraft, GTKRadiant and Virtus Deathmatch Maker
Roy Tanner Quake 2 Maps:Quark, Gladiator BSP editor


Quake 2 Server List




DNA is a product of RotA clan

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