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Extra Binds

Command Desc.
punch offhand melee attack
teammenu Switch teams
classmenu Switch Class
helpmenu Help menu for combat/classes
use grapple Select grapple. Spy class only
use berserk activate berserk power. Berserker only

Class Overview

DESC: Basic Marine
WEapons: Machinegun. Shotgun
Abilities: NONE
Items: NONE

DESC: Stationary Gunner
WEapons: Chaingun. Sawed off Shotgun
Abilities: Stationary Chaingun Shield
Items: NONE

DESC: Front Lines
WEapons: Hyperblaster
Abilities: NONE
Items: Power Screen

DESC: Explosives
WEapons: Rocket Launcher. Grenade Launcher
Abilities: NONE
Items: NONE

DESC: Sniper
WEapons: Shotgun. Railgun
Abilities: Sniper Scope
Items: Silencer

DESC: Suicide Mission
WEapons: Sawed-ff Shotgun
Abilities: Berserk
Items: Berserk

DESC: Basic Marine
WEapons: Machinegun
Abilities: Grapple Hook
Items: Silencer, Enviro Suit, Rebreather

DESC: Special Ops
WEapons: BFG
Abilities: NONE
Items: NONE


Here's a quick description of each gun and ability:

First of all you are slowed down on purpose. This actually makes the player run just about as fast as he is animated to.

The machinegun is the first basic combat weapon. Just like ActionQ2 and all other realistic games. If you run or jump you have aweful accuracy. If you duck or stand still you have great accuracy. Great all around weapon.

The Shotgun and double barrel shotgun are very interesting and hard for some to grasp. One major feature is that the bullets inflict less damage based on distance and also less damage if it travels through water. The machinegun is not noticably affected, however the shotgun and especially the double barrel are very noticable. The single barrel assault shotgun has a lethal range of about 25 feet. The sawed off double barrel has a leathal range of about 15 feet. Damage drastically decreases after this distance.

The double barrel shotgun also shoots a single barrel at a time in almost rapid fire motion. If you hold in the trigger this is pretty unnoticable but if you time your shots just right you can kill anyone at close range without question.

The grenade and grenade launcher are very very powerful weapons. Almost every class starts with 3 grenades. When someone is hiding lob a grenade. These do not explode on impact like those damn nazi's potatoe smashers so time them right. The grenade launcher sends these rabid puppies quite a distance and can be aimed over, around or under almost any obsticle. If you see hear or smell a grenade... BE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

The blaster is new and improved. It runs on a limited ammo which reacharges when you're not firing it or using the battery in any other way. This new improved blaster is nothing to be laughed at. It's incredibly accurate and can deal a leathal blow in about 3 hits.

The chaingun is probobly the most unique weapon. The gun is a stationary anti tank, anti aircraft and especially anti anything that breathes weapon. It has unlimited ammo and fires at an astonishing rate. The downside is that you cannot move while the chaingun is equiped. In order to move switch to either your blaster or your double barrel shotgun. The other great feature of this gun is the directionalized personal shield. This acts much like the power screen except it runs on the same battery as your blaster. It also absorbs basically all damage. Watch out for shots or explosions coming from behind though.
*NOTE* - It may seem like you're moving while holding the chaingun. This little bit of lip is allowed to help you see around and over obsticles. You do not actually move.

The hyperblaster is an upgrade from the strog Medic. It first fires a tracer round and then pumps out 14 more shots before cooling down and then starting the count again with another tracer. This weapon, like it's blaster baby brother, is incredibly accurate and probobly the most deadly weapon. This will get anyone to crawl back under the rock they were hiding under giving just enough time to lob a grenade.

The crowning glory of the Demolition class is the rocket launcher. This bazooka style rocket launcher fires a stinger missle causing critical damage to anyone nearby. This rocket blast can even be powerful enough to take out a defender with full armor using his chaingun sheild. The rocket may be confusing to fire at first. You must be on land and be able to duck. Hold in the trigger and you'll hear the rocket load. After the launcher beeps the stinger will launch. The path can be unpredictable but the affect is unmistakable.

The railgun has been equiped with a basic sniper scope. This scope is implanted into the snipers eyes and zooms in while you hold in the trigger. Once you commit to firing there is no zooming out. Like the samuri once you draw you better be ready to put a hole the size of texas in your target. This shot will kill all but the most armored defenders in a single hit.

The BFG has been modified to work as a quick radius blast. You have only your BFG and only a few shots. Aim for the embedded defenders and make them count. Once you run out of cells you have only your blaster and your wits.
*NOTE* Some people forget to bring their wits

Punching is fun! If you're up close and personal, out of ammo, or just feel like adding insult to injury, this off hand melee attack will do the job. There's quite a kick so you can also verywell just push an unsuspecting victim into a pit. To add extra fun, berserk adds to the affect of the mellee attack making it instantly leathal taking the fun back to it's Doom roots. The berserk also allows the user to run at the full speed you're used to. Can you say KAMAKAZI?

Just to touch base with this. ONLY THE SPY GETS THE GRAPPLE. Stop asking me.

Basic combat strategy.
- Hide behind something. The machinegun, chaingun, and hyperblaster makes easy prey out of anyone in the open.
- Use rifles far away and use shotguns close up. If someone is hiding then throw a grenade.
- For pete's sake don't stare at an explosive coming your way. I know the stinger looks cool
but trust me it really stings.
- Let the guys with the big guns, railguns/rockets/bfg's, take care of camping defenders.
- Let the portible guys go for the flag. Nothing is more embarassing than running out of cells in the enemy base.
- Constant bombardment is to be expected. Defenders and demolition, THAT MEANS YOU
- Snipers are great strategic advantage, but don't expect to have the flag very long
- Aim for the glowing blue/red people. They are berserked and to be exterminated before they overrun you.
- Finally, the best class is probobly the soldier. Do not underestimate the machinegun. (The demolition is probobly the most fun)

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